Shipping Motor Vehicles Overseas

Shipping motor vehicles from another country might seem like a daunting task, but it is commonly conducted everyday in the logistics world. Since many US drivers have international cars, there is a set transportation process in place for moving them overseas. One set process in place is from US Customs, which has their own unique special rules and regulations for the international shipping of motor vehicles to and from the United States.
When you want to move your car overseas, the type of vessel being used for that type of cargo is most likely a roll-on/roll-off vessel (RO-RO), which is specifically used for this type of commodity. In addition, some vehicles are transported inside special freight shipping containers used for intermodal shipping. The purpose of this type of container is to use rail transportation after arriving at the port of destination. Shipping by rail might reduce long-term costs and lessen the environmental impact from traditional trucking.
In additional, there is a large amount of paperwork, including the Bill of Lading, for freight shipping of vehicles. The information must include all of the details about the car, and the keys must travel with the paperwork. There are also costly fees associated with shipping vehicles, including possible warehousing fees and intermodal transportation. When moving cars during ocean container shipping, make sure you speak to a trusted freight forwarder who will guide you through this complicated shipping process. Shipping a car to or from the US can be easy with great logistics assistance.