Shipping Sugar

One of the most important and traded commodities around the globe has been sugar. For many reasons, sugar has been a major commodity for centuries. The uses of sugar include for food and for bio-fuels. It is consistently traded in the New York Stock Exchange and other exchanges around the World. Weather, Government regulations and demand all impact the price of sugar.
The international shipping of sugar requires some special skill and a special type of a carrier who can transport this product by sea. The reason for this is because sugar can be very sensitive to water. Contamination by water could damage the sugar. Although sugar comes in bags, it is not recommended to be shipped entirely in a bag. Typically sugar is loaded on an ocean freight vessel as bulk and is stored in a special climate controlled cargo area. After the vessel arrives at the port, the sugar is then unloaded into bags. This may seem strange, but it is safer this way because there is less damage.
While on board the vessel, it is recommended that the sugar be separated from the ship by a cloth. The crew monitors humidity for protection. And the cargo area should have no ventilation. For those shippers who need to transport sugar, speaking with a trusted freight forwarder can help. They can provide an instant ocean freight shipping quote online and provide the right guidance for ensuring that your freight is well protected.