Trade Barriers

When shipping internationally between countries of different cultures and ideals there can sometimes be trade barriers that can inhibit the free flow of goods. These barriers could be laws or general rules for a specific product or could be a seemingly unfair advantage to other businesses. No matter the reason, organizations like the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) will be able to help break down those barriers. If you contact your freight forwarder they may also be able to help you circumvent these types of barriers.

A good freight forwarder, not just one that has international shipping cheap, can be a great benefit for these types of issues. Of course we all want to lower our shipping costs, but freight forwarders also become part of your shipping team. They can use their contacts to support and help. They should be able to assist with trade barriers either through their agents abroad or from their many contacts throughout the world. After all getting through these regulations can mean the difference between being able to import or export from your supplier. It only helps them to get your cargo moving since that is the only way they will make money.

Trade barriers can be a hassle for any company looking to ship cargo internationally but working with the WTO and using the resources that are available you should be able to push your cargo through the supply chain. After a few moves, you will be able to shift to a pull through the supply chain and be on your way to free flowing goods.