Tramp Service

Not every vessel that moves your ocean cargo is the same. Most shippers are familiar with a liner service, which is owned and operated by a major shipping carrier. The liner service has a set schedule and a set route to travel. This type of vessel is usually large and can hold many ocean freight shipping containers. Another type of a vessel that is different is a tramp service, which is also known as a tramper. Essentially, the tramp service provides shipping of cargo between domestic ports that are relatively close to each other, like up and down the coast. A liner service handles the international shipping, and the tramp service can help fill in the gaps.
Some shippers might refer to the tramp service as charter shipping, as it is very similar. There are numerous advantages for a shipper to hire a tramp service. The tramp service vessel has no fixed schedule and no regular routes. This provides great flexibility that shippers crave. The tramp service can handle bulk or break bulk shipments if needed. The only major downside is that some tramp service ships might not accept certain commodities.
There is still a great market for the tramp service, despite any restrictions. Smaller carriers run the tramp service ships. When a shipper is planning out their transportation strategies, using a tramp service for some trips can be extremely helpful, can save time and maybe even save some money in the long term.