Transporting Exotic Animals Internationally

When shipping live exotic animals, many of us think of the crates that we see in movies like Madagascar, but the reality is a bit more involved. It the movies, the animals are placed in large wooden crates with markings burned in the sides and stickers saying where they will be shipped. While this is not all that far from the truth, there are many other considerations and shipping regulations that need to be met before you can ship live animals internationally. Getting the details together and finding the right partners can be your best bet.

TO start it is helpful to find a company that specializes in animal transport. Not only will these people know what they are doing with your animal, but they will most likely have the process set up so that you can do one stop shopping for services. This way you will not have to worry about finding a freight forwarding company or about whether or not all of the paperwork is filed. They will also be able to help you with finding the right crate to ship your animal. Incidentally, these will be made of steel rather than wood, and will be completely enclosed with double locks.

In order to ship these animals, you must have permits and all regulations including health certificates and other details to keep everyone in the loop while in transit. Since many times it can take 7 months to a year to get all of the import export permits, this part will be much easier if you use a company that has this as part of their global shipping services. While shipping exotic animals is not going to be a part of everyone’s lives, it can be as easy as shipping other items if you have everything organized and you partner with the right people to get the job done.