Do I Get a New Trucker?

Where did my great trucking company go? Many companies have been using the same trucking company for all of the years they have been in business. They have been loyal with freight rate increases and have built and grown their businesses together. But sometimes these great relationships begin to change. What was once a good and thriving partnership has begun to see cracks. Maybe more recent problems have begun to occur causing late deliveries or even no shows, leaving the shipper wondering what is going on.

Over the past few years in the recession, some companies began to cut corners to save money with profits lowering and as a result their customers were the ones to suffer. Unfortunately this is a typical byproduct that happens when companies start to panic about finances. In the trucking industry in particular there have been a lot of challenges since fuel has been so high and their margins are so low in the first place. While this is no excuse for poor service, it can help to explain why some companies have changed and their customers are moving on to other trucking companies.

In order to continue growing your own business, it is important to look at each aspect of your company with a critical eye. Keeping this in mind, if you are shipping regularly with the same trucking company, you may need to look at the details and address these concerns. No matter how long they have been your partner in shipping, if they cannot represent your company in a positive way, then you do not want to have them on your team.