Basics Types of Shipping Vessels

In the international logistics world, there are a lot of things that people do not find out unless they are directly involved in it. Shippers only think of their product and shipping lines are worried about keeping their ships moving. Even freight forwarders, who are probably the most versatile in their knowledge, are many times specializing in one type of shipping. Companies are just looking in their own best interest to stay efficient and maximize profits.

Many people do not realize that there can be several steps to their shipments and that can include different types of shipping vessels. Starting with container ships, there are several different sizes and types of container ships. Some are barges and tug boats, some are larger ships used for mother vessels, some are more sized for feeders, but they are all specially fitted to hold shipping containers. Other ships are specifically outfitted for bulk shipments like grains or other large quantities, or RORO cargo which is all roll-on roll-off shipments. This can be cars and trucks or it can be large oversized vehicles that would not otherwise fit on a ship. If your shipment requires an oil tanker, you have two types to choose from: crude tankers and product tankers. There is something for everyone.

No matter what you are shipping there is a type of ship to hold your cargo for international shipping. Whether containerized or bulk, RORO or tanker there are many different ways to move cargo, one will surely be available to move whatever you are looking to ship.