What Commodities Ocean Carriers Do Not Want to Ship

There are so many different types of cargo that go on container ships through each port every day, some easier to handle than others. Even in this economy there are some commodities that ocean carriers do not want to ship or be responsible for as part of their ship's load. Although they may not express it directly, it can be seen in the quotes that are given out when a customer tries to book. Usually they are not regular tariff items and are separately quoted so that all considerations are covered. It may be something seemingly small that can bring a huge amount of considerations when trying to ship. For instance, it you are planning to ship precious metals or diamonds, there are many considerations both at the port and on the container ship. Not only will there need to be special locks for the cargo in the shipping container, but background checks and 24 hour security would also be required. Another commodity would be any particularly hazardous cargo that cannot be shipped along side specific other commodities. This would create an additional consideration that many ocean carriers would not want to get involved with. Other items such as perishables and refrigerated commodities can be more expensive to ship, but are not necessarily unwanted by the carriers. There is a place for most items on any given ship as long as the ship's load plan is followed. This way everything is in proper balance and there should be very little trouble in transit.