Why Sell Globally?

With the economic market the way it has been, it is easy to see why people have begun to question why companies are still trying to sell globally instead of focusing on domestic sales. It is obvious they are looking for more customers and a larger marketplace to find sales. But is that really the only reason to sell globally or is there is much more to it than that. With a larger market, there are many more considerations and it can be crippling if your company is not ready. The cost of international freight shipping alone is cause for concern as much as the cultural and language differences.

On the other hand, there is a huge world marketplace and many companies are creeping in to the domestic markets here in the United States. This is actually why a lot of companies first begin to look globally. Yes, it is harder to get your product out initially, but the world is becoming homogenized so much that these things seem to be evening out. What used to be large cultural differences have become so small that they can be insignificant when it comes to international business. With the advanced technology of the internet, communication is no longer a factor either. Even finding a reliable global shipping company is no longer difficult. The key is to be prepared and know what your company’s limitations are as well as the limitations of your agents abroad. People in other countries are looking for international products just as people do here in the United States. Exporting is expected to grow up to 10% a year in upcoming years. If your company is ready, it can be a productive way to grow your business.